Far Cry 4 Attachments Mod 2

far Cry 4 Attachments Mod 2

it's not possible Pages Jump). Translation, refine with tags(separate with spaces filter by: File size. Fat before you unzip the file. If you do not know how to reset your game you will find a guide how to do it here: t, installation Directory: Far Cry 4/data_win32, to be on the save side (the other side from sorry) make a backup of the patch_hd and patch_hd. Add suppressors, sights and extended mags to all your favorite weapons! Does not make changes to the game play (prices, crafting, etc.) Ceanos Better Sights -.10 This is my latest version of my better sights, it contains my version of some sights and the rest is from my sharper vanilla sights. This mod contains all features of JRavens Far cry 4 Enhanced Hardcore Mod.1. Far Cry 4 - The Mod Launcher This tool comes with an Installer, just say where your "Far Cry 4" folder is located - This tool includes 4x Editor Mods by no - This tool includes. If you happen to have any problems, please visit the FC4 modding community. The folder name contains the name of the mission and special info. Spam / Excessive self-promotion. Far Cry 4 Enhanced The world's first ever series of FC4 mods! These features are in addition: Ammo prices are extremely high. An updated version of k-putts Config. Press J to jump to the feed. Current section, pages, jump, sort by, date downloadsLast updatedAuthor nameFile nameFile sizeRandomTrendingLast comment. 7KB 147.5k SweetFX Preset - Ultra Realism Preset for SweetFX - Ultra realism. Directly messaging individual moderators may result in a temporary ban.
  • No M-79 grenade launcher in the stores. The teleport function to outposts has been disabled, now you have to do all ways by yourself - so take extra care that your Buzzer isnt shot down. Increased syringe bag, loot bag, ammo bag and wallet sizes.
  • Direct download via http available as well. More, far Cry 4 Mods. File name Downloads Added; FC4. 2.7z: 287: 2, sep 2015: Download. Far Cry 4, essentials.
  • PC patch for, far Cry 4 targets black and grey. World War Z studio tried to do a Half-Life. JRavens 0 points 1 point 2 points 4 years ago Use the latest version from Nexus mods and be sure to increase your karma level by one (or drop it by killing innocents/elephants and then re-increase). It s a bug in the vanilla game. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews.
  • No crafting or buying of healing syringes. 1.5MB 167.6k FC4 Savegame collection Just a collection of savegames for FC4. In the beginning you find only the cheapest guns of each type in the store. It also unlocks the North so you can play the game however you like and bypass the campaign completely (if you wish). NMM compatible, include adult files, only show adult files, extreme violence/gore.


  1. Far Cry 4 Open World Mod.10 This mod removes all of the requirements and locks from weapons, attachments, signature weapons and skills. So if you like (and grind enough) you can get the ACE before the 1st mission is finished, but you have to earn lots of money to do that, because you have to buy all other assault rifles before you can get. Far Cry 4 Enhanced Weapons AND Attachments Mod This mod for the latest version of FC4 (1.10.0) contains realistic weapon and ammo data as well as all possible weapon attachments.
  2. 1.5x weapon damage, north map unlocked, skill requirements unlocked. This Mod is based on the sterling efforts of JRavens who did the groundbreaking work to make modding of FC4 possible.
  3. 112.5MB 494.6k.7MB akiba's Trip Uau Maid Mod 490.2k FC4 Far Cry 4 Immersion Mod Removes various distracting elements from the HUD and first person view such as flashing objects, seeing enemies through walls, etc. No other gameplay or graphics changes. (Visual swap only - this does not add new knives to the in game shop - sorry it's not possible.9MB.7k Machete Mod.10 A small mod that lets you swap Ajay's default machete (called. It is recommend to start the game with the included new savegame. Unzip the main file into your Far Cry 4/data_win32 subdirectory.

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